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Whats in your current Risk Managers toolbox? Whether you are looking for flyers to help support your employee safety programs or searching for Workers Compensation information, our Risk Management Center combines efficiency with user-friendly tools and resources you will use time and time again to streamline your everyday work tasks.


Look to SafetyZone for a series of ready-to-print newsletters covering a variety of industry-related topics designed to support your key safety messages and programs. Content is organized by general category that includes Auto Safety, Employee Protection, Organizational Safety, and Personal Risk Management.

Documents on Command

We speak your language and understand your needs. When you need to access information fast, Documents on Command provides instant access to a library of downloadable articles, brochures, forms, and reports covering a variety of insurance-related topics — precisely when you need it. Content is grouped by general category such as Cost Containment, Loss Control, and Employee Communications. Or, search by keyword to locate related information. You'll also have access to up-to-date state Workers' Compensation Statutes and related links for quick reference.


When it comes to OSHA, compliance is the name of the game. To help you simplify and manage your OSHA reporting, we have gathered the occupational safety resources you need into one easily-accessible spot, with functionality and content designed to help you efficiently meet your OSHA reporting needs.

Logical and Resourceful

The sites intuitive, user-friendly format will allow you to:

Set-up your reporting to reflect the groups or divisions within your company.
Create accurate OSHA logs for each recordable accident.
Generate accurate reports on demand and analyze related costs.
Compile your annual 300A Summary in seconds flat.

When recordable accidents happen, you'll know exactly where to go to log your OSHA incidences. With online access to log forms, you can easily locate and create OSHA forms at the click of a mouse, quickly logging new incidents as they occur. You can also easily edit, view, or delete log entries, which makes maintenance a snap and guarantees your records are always current. Also, with the Log's handy at-a-glance view, you can effortlessly stay up-to-date on your most current entries, viewing all the pertinent information entered into your OSHA Log Analysis at any time.

Reports & Analysis

You will be able to generate up-to-the-minute OSHA reports, drilling-down by injury type, body part, group or divisions, and time period to include. The system stores your information from year to year, and by tracking work hours, it automatically calculates your incident rate and allows you to make comparisons to national averages based on your SIC (Standard Industrial Classifications) code as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Best of all, with accurate reporting, we will be able to help you spot injury trends and work with you on the right corrective actions to take before they become serious problems.





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